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The strength and durability of steel makes it an ideal choice for many projects as it can withstand difficult environments. More resistant to corrosion than other materials and with varying levels of reusability, steel and brass profiles also allow for increased interior brightness and transparency due to the thinner profiles. Secco Sistemi is the leading Italian brand for integrated metal systems for windows, doors, and façades. By working with them, we are able to offer customers quality, efficient, sustainable, and safe metal options for their architectural projects.

All of our steel products below can be made using galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel, or brass and each metal type is available with a variety of finishes.

Galvanized Steel

Due to the physical and technical characteristics of steel, it is possible to have thin, strong and high-performing profiles which allow for maximum versatility in the design of the frame while reducing the visual impact. The result is a lightness and transparency that provides maximum brightness in interior spaces. The steel used by Secco Sistemi in their profiles use an alloy that protects the profile from internal and external oxidation.

Stainless Steel

The inalterability of the surface over time makes stainless steel an ideal choice for use in difficult environments. Alloys used in the stainless steel ensure that profiles do not rust if exposed to the atmosphere, are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, require minimal maintenance and can be recycled up to 90%. The physical-mechanical features of stainless steel make it possible to produce profiles with a very small section, both reducing the visual impact of the window and enhancing the brightness of the interior spaces.

Corten Steel

With a resistance to corrosion that is 6-8 times higher when compared to traditional steels as well as having double the tensile strength, corten steel allows for the creation of large and heavy windows and doors while maintaining the thinness of the sections. Technological innovation and skill in interpreting the trends of contemporary architecture have led Secco Sistemi to be the first to use corten steel in window frames.


The color and shininess of brass, combined with the hardness and resistance to corrosion make it a precious and original element for architectural solutions in both old and new architecture. Surfaces in glossy or burnished brass can be an expression of luxury and refinement, tradition, and memory. The natural oxidation of this metal determines a level of self-protection that makes the finished product ideal for use in difficult environmental conditions such as maritime settings. An excellent case for sustainability, brass is also 100% reusable.

Our steel and specialty metal products include:

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