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OS2 65

OS2 65 is part of the family of OS2 profiles designed to replace windows and doors used from the nineteenth century up through the middle of the last century. Also used in contemporary architecture for their transparency and clear-cut lines, the slender profiles of the OS2 system dematerialize the walls and allow for greater freedom when designing the frame.

The performance of the OS2 thermal break system has been tested by the best European certification laboratories in compliance with the current specific EN 14351-1 regulations.

Design Variants
OS2 65 is a flexible and versatile system perfect for creating infinite variations of the frame and designing in detail the exact window or door required, with the minimum sections and high-quality performance of the OS2 group of profiles. In the glass curtain walls, with the OS2 system, fixed and openable elements can be composed together in various ways: by clearly defining the profiles of the leaves in the façade with respect to the fixed mullions or struts or by unifying the design of the casement using profiles with the same sections exposed everywhere. To better distinguish the various choices available, two subsystems have been created: OS2 65.1 and OS2 65.2. With OS2 65.1, the panels are not flush-mounted and the profile of the frame emphasizes the perimeter of the leaf. With OS2 65.2, the glass panels are flush-mounted and the profile sections can be continuous, both in the fixed uprights and in the perimeter of the leaves.

System and Performance
OS2 65 door can be inward-opening or outward-opening. OS2 65 is an integrated system of accessories, gaskets, and thermal break profiles with a depth of 65 mm that allows for a wide range of possible variants: square, rectangular, curved, or shaped with insulating glazing up to 40 mm thick for inward-opening doors and up to 30 mm thick for outward-opening doors.

The sealing characteristics are guaranteed by an open joint system with a central sealing gasket and an internal stop gasket on three sides and an automatic guillotine gasket under the base for inward-opening doors and by a double rebate gasket system and an automatic guillotine gasket under the base for outward-opening doors.

Size and Variations
OS2 65 is an internal and external rebate frame with sections of 47 mm for the side sections and 62 mm for the central section. For the subdivision of the sash glazing, the system uses a thermal break profile of 36 mm.

For both inward-opening and outward-opening doors, the handles are available in paintable raw brass, burnished brass, polished chrome brass, and polished brass. The medium square version is also available in corten steel.

For both the inward-opening and outward-opening doors, the three-leaf hinges are adjustable and are available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, burnished stainless steel, and corten steel. The hinges to be welded are available in galvanized steel with the versions h.80|d.13mm and h.116|d.16mm being adjustable.

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